The European Association for REsearch on SERvices

RESER (The European Association for REsearch on SERvices) is a network of research groups and individuals active in services research and policy formulation, mainly located in European countries.

RESER members come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds: economics, management sciences, geography, sociology, psychology, political sciences and planning. Most are based in universities and independent research institutes, but some are employed in private firms, as researchers or consultants. RESER is active in many European countries and elsewhere.



  • Conduct of joint research on services across Europe and elsewhere
  • Promote research on services as key to understanding economic activity
  • Provide support to PhD students, post-docs and young researchers interested in the research of service topics
  • Raise awareness on RESER, facilitate of information and enlarge RESER membership
  • Provide policy and economic decision makers with reports and analyses related to the development of services and to their role and impact


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